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I would like to welcome you to the most exciting online resistance band training site around.

We all have our W.A.R stories… We want to be part of the reason you start and the reason you achieve your fitness goal. Everything in between is where W.A.R starts. Our passionate team along with resistance bands – the greatest functional tool on the market – will help you in achieving whatever goal you choose.

This site is dedicated to anyone and everyone wanting to improve the way in which they are able to move. So join us, get involved and win your W.A.R on health and fitness regardless of your age, size and previous training experience.

I’ve being active in sports my whole life. I only knew one way in which to prepare myself for the big day of competition and that’s ‘Flat out’. I would use whatever training equipment I could get my hands on in order to make myself better. Six years ago I found resistance bands, and from that moment I have never looked at training the same way again.

Lunge Towards

Front Squat a Step

Get Up Row